So the Laird tells me that he has decided to fancy up our little site here., and that I'd better sharpen up my quills because we were gonna be bloggin'.  Ummmmm, OK.  Now, while I am an expert blog reader, I can't imagine myself much of a blog writer, but what the hay, might as well give it go!  So the plan is for me to share some of the interesting, amusing, insightful, muddy, irreverent, poop-covered adventures and musings that make up daily life around here on our little green patch of land.     

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    Monna Hess, aka the Laird's lady, is a full-time stay at home mom to two spectacular little girls and wrangles all the critters on the farm whilst attempting to promote mud boots and ball caps as viable fashion statements.  She has grand visions of managing to produce some kind of animal products from this little endeavor.  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, she was an Animal Science instructor at a large university and had not yet completely lost her marbles.


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